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Spring 2018 Academic Calendar

Spring 2018 at a Glance

  • Classes Begin: January 8, 2018
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no classes): January 15, 2018
  • Presidents’ Day (no classes): February 19, 2018
  • Spring Break (no classes): March 26–30, 2018
  • Classes End: April 27, 2018
  • Finals Week: April 30–May 4, 2018
  • Commencement: May 5, 2018

Spring 2018 Academic Calendar and Session Deadlines

SessionFee Payment DeadlineStart Date*Last Date to Waitlist or Add Without Permission NumberDrop Fee BeginsLast Date for Refund & Last Date to Register/Add or Drop Without a W**Last Date to Drop or Completely Withdraw with a W.
No Refund
Last Date of Course InstructionGrades Due***
RegularJan 4Jan 8Jan 12Jan 14Jan 22Mar 16Apr 27 (Final Exams Apr 30–May 4)May 8
1st 5 weekJan 4Jan 8Jan 9Jan 12Jan 10Jan 30Feb 9Feb 13
2nd 5 weekJan 4Feb 12Feb 13Feb 16Feb 14Mar 6Mar 16Mar 20
3rd 5 weekJan 4Apr 2Apr 3Apr 6Apr 4Apr 24May 4May 8
1st 8 weekJan 4Jan 8Jan 10Jan 13Jan 12Feb 13Mar 2Mar 6
2nd 8 weekJan 4Mar 5Mar 7Mar 10Mar 9Apr 10Apr 27May 8
1st 10 weekJan 4Jan 8Jan 10Jan 13Jan 17Feb 22Mar 16Mar 20
2nd 10 weekJan 4Feb 12Feb 14Feb 17Feb 21Apr 2Apr 27May 8
*Complete withdrawals on or after this date are subject to a nonrefundable $40.00 processing fee.
**Last date to add with permission number, last date to drop or completely withdraw without a W and receive a refund (less a nonrefundable $40.00 processing fee), last date to change from credit-to-audit or audit-to-credit.
***Grades will not be considered official until the end-of-term processing has been completed.
****This session is eight calendar weeks long with seven weeks of in-class instruction due to the weeklong Spring Break.

Sunday, October 1 (2017)Recommended last day to submit 2017-2018 FAFSA/FAFSA renewal for Spring 2018 financial aid (if you have not already done so) in order to have aid available to pay spring semester fees.
Sunday, October 1 (2017)Spring scholarship deadline. Last day to have all admission materials received in Admissions for new freshman and transfer students who want to be considered for scholarships for Spring 2018. The 2017-2018 FAFSA must be filed by this date to be considered for need-based scholarships.
Monday, October 2 (2017)Spring 2018 on-campus housing application available at noon for residence halls, suites and townhomes.
Friday, October 6 (2017)Last day to submit Application for Admission to Candidacy form to the Graduate College for graduate degrees to be awarded in May 2018.
Sunday, October 15 (2017)Priority date for international student application materials to be received by Admissions for spring semester consideration.
Monday, October 30 (2017)Registration for continuing students begins for Spring 2018 (by appointment).
Wednesday, November 15 (2017)Priority date for undergraduate, degree-seeking applicants to have all admission materials received by Admissions. Applicants who miss this priority date will be considered for degree-seeking status on a space-available basis. Students who are not eligible for degree-seeking admission may be considered for nondegree-seeking status and are ineligible for financial aid.
Tuesday, December 12 (2017)Open registration begins.
Tuesday, December 26 (2017)Recommended date to finalize student course schedules for Spring 2018 for financial aid purposes.
Tuesday, January 2University, college, and department activities for faculty begin this week.
Saturday, January 6Residence halls, suites, and townhomes check-in for new residents begins at noon.
Monday, January 8Course instruction begins.
Friday, January 12Weekend courses begin.
Friday, January 12Last day faculty may submit drops for nonattendance during the first week of the semester to the Registrar’s Office.
Friday, January 12Last day to apply for graduation for graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates to be awarded in May 2018. Late applications will be accepted but a late fee will be assessed. Students apply for graduation on myBoiseState.
Monday, January 15Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr./Idaho Human Rights Day. (No classes. University offices closed).
Monday, January 22Last day for students living on campus to change residential meal plans.
Monday, January 22Spring financial aid census date. Eligibility for financial aid determined by number of credits registered on this date.
Monday, January 22Last day to add graduate dissertation, thesis, project, or portfolio credit.
Monday, January 22Last day to submit Idaho Residency Determination Worksheet with documentation to Registrar’s Office to declare Idaho residency for Spring 2018 consideration.
Friday, February 16Last day to add undergraduate internship and independent study.
Friday, February 16Last day to add graduate assessment (master's preliminary examination, doctoral preliminary examination, thesis proposal, dissertation proposal, master's comprehensive examination, doctoral comprehensive examination), directed research, independent study, internship, practicum, or reading and conference.
Monday, February 19Presidents’ Day (No classes. University offices closed).
Friday, March 2Recommended last day for final oral dissertation, thesis, or project defense for graduate degrees to be awarded in May 2018.
Friday, March 16Last day to submit advisor-approved version of dissertation or thesis with signed Final Reading Approval and Access Agreement for a Thesis or Dissertation to the Graduate College for degrees to be awarded in May 2018.
Monday–Friday, March 26–30Spring Break. (No Classes. University offices open March 26–30.)
Friday, April 27Course instruction ends.
Friday, April 27Last day to submit final version of dissertation or thesis to the Graduate College for graduate degrees to be awarded in May 2018.
Sunday, April 29Weekend courses end.
Monday, April 30–Friday, May 4Final semester examinations for the Regular session. Exam schedule listed on the Registrar’s Office website.
Saturday, May 5Residence halls, suites, and townhomes close at noon.
Saturday, May 5Commencement.
Tuesday, May 8Grade reports due on myBoiseState.