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Faculty and Staff FAQs

Faculty - General

Faculty General FAQs

Can graduate students in my undergraduate class receive graduate credit for the class?

If the Graduate Council has approved the class it can be offered for graduate credit.

How do I request a query or ad/hoc report?

All query requests must be made via our On-line Query Request Form. Please plan on a minimum of 2-business days turnaround depending on resources, time of year, and the complexity of your query request. Please be as thorough as possible when defining your criteria; requests for clarification will delay your results. All report output will be provided electronically via email in Excel format.

How does a student drop a class after the deadline?

Students need to submit a completed “Appeal To Drop After the Deadline” form to the Registrar’s Registrar’s Office in the Administration Building room #110.

How long do I have to submit a Faculty Initiated Withdrawal?

Faculty Initiated drops for nonattendance are due to our office during the first week of the semester.

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that limits the amount of information that can be released about students without their specific written permission.

All information obtained on my.BoiseState is protected by this law. More Information.

What reports are available? What format are they in? When will I receive these reports? Who are the reports sent to?

Name of ReportDistribution FormatWhen?Distribute to:
Major Field of Interest ReportPDF - Electronic10th DayProvost, Deans, Associate Deans. Chairs, Institutional Research, CC Admin Assist.
Advisor ReportExcel - ElectronicAfter 10th dayProvost, Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, Institutional Research, CC Admin Assist.
No Advisor ReportExcel - ElectronicAfter 10th dayProvost, Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, Institutional Research, CC Admin Assist.
Incomplete Grade ReportPDF - PaperBefore continuing students begin registeringLetters sent to students and departments
Deans List (by Department or by City, State)
PDF & Excel - ElectronicEnd of semesterProvost, VP Student Affairs, Deans, Associate Deans, CC Admin Assist.
Class & Faculty Load ReportPDF ElectronicEnd of semesterProvost, Dean of Enrollment Services, Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, Institutional Research, CC Admin Assist.
Grade Distribution Report (by Course, Instructor, Discipline and Career)PDF & Excel - ElectronicEnd of semesterProvost, Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, Institutional Research, CC Admin Assist.
 PDF - PaperEnd of semester;Departments

Faculty - Grading

Faculty Grading FAQs

How do I change an incomplete grade?

You must submit a grade change card to the Registrar’s Office. An I to an F grade change requires the signature of the Faculty member only. The Department Chair need not sign.

How do I extend an incomplete grade beyond the contract end date?

The student must complete a Academic Appeal form requesting an extension beyond the contract end date. The appeal should be accompanied by a letter supporting the extension from the instructor who assigned the original incomplete grade or the department chair.

How do I give a student an incomplete grade?

To give a student a grade of Incomplete, you must record an ‘I’ on the grade roster and enter the contract information on the Incomplete Contract Page. The Incomplete Contract Page will automatically appear after submitting grades if you assign a student a grade of Incomplete. The student will receive an email that they have a Registrar’s To Do Item on my.BoiseState and the student will have access to the Incomplete Contract terms.

How do I submit a grade change?

Prior to the official grading deadline at the end of each semester, grade changes can be made online via my.BoiseState. To change a grade after the official grading deadline, you must complete a paper Grade Change Card. These cards can be obtained from your department or the Registrar’s Office.

How do I turn in my grades?

Please follow the instructions below to input your grades online through your PeopleSoft Faculty Center.

  1. Grades can be submitted online via my.BoiseState.
  2. Select ‘PeopleSoft’ from the left hand navigation.
  3. Select ‘My Schedule’ under Faculty Center
  4. Select the ‘Grade Roster’ icon next to the class that needs to be graded.
  5. Input grades and click ‘Save’.
  6. Click the ‘Submit’ button on the far right. (Helpful Hint: Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page on the far right.)

Links for detailed instructions on grading:
Grade My Classes
Correct Submitted Grades


What happens if I leave a blank grade on my roster?

The system does not allow you to submit a grade roster with a missing grade.

What if students who completed my class are missing from my grade roster?

Click on the “Questions? Ask the Registrar’s Office” link at the bottom of the grade roster to send an email to the Registrar’s Office. Be sure to indicate the student’s name & id number, as well as the class, and someone from the Registrar’s Office will look into the issue and get back to you.

What if students who did not attend my class appear on my grade roster?

Assign that student the grade of F. Upon submitting the grade online, indicate on the “F Grade Page” that the student never attended class.

What if the grading basis for my class is different than the Grade Basis on the roster? (i.e. Graded vs. P/F)

Click on the “Questions? Ask the Registrar’s Office” link at the bottom of the grade roster to send an email to the Registrar’s Office. Be sure to indicate the class number and the correct grading basis, and someone from the Registrar’s Office will look into the issue and get back to you. Do not submit grades with the incorrect grading basis.

What if the student never completes the work?

If at the end of one year, no Grade Change card has been received by the Registrar’s Office, an F will automatically be posted. No action is needed on your part.

What is the Incomplete Grade Report?

This report indicates which students have outstanding incompletes from the previous year, and is sent as a reminder to faculty. Students receive a letter of reminder at the same time. These reminders are sent one week before continuing students begin registering.

When are grades due?

The grade due dates for each session can be found on the Faculty/Staff Academic Deadline Calendars.

When can students see their grades?

Grades are available to students, on my.BoiseState, the moment you click Submit on the online grade roster.

Why is there a grading deadline?

To better serve students. The Registrar’s Office must run several processes to make grades “official”. Grades must be declared official before financial aid can be disbursed, before transcripts can be sent or degrees can be awarded.

Faculty - Transfer/Advising

Faculty Transfer/Advising FAQs

Can I change a pre-determined equivalency of test credit?

Yes. This can be done with an academic adjustment form.

Does Boise State award college credit for military service?

Yes. Boise State awards credit based on the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations. For more information see Credit for Prior Learning – Military Training Credit.

How long will it be before a graduation evaluation is processed? Will I be notified?

Evaluations are done after the 10th day of classes of the semester in which the student plans to graduate. Students are sent a letter informing them of their graduation status. Either a valid candidate for graduation, meaning they are enrolled in everything they need to graduate, or a move letter, meaning they still have outstanding requirements and will not graduate in that semester. Nothing is sent to the advisor.

What classes do I include on the 2nd Degree Transfer Credit Request Form?

Only courses that will be required for prerequisite purposes. (i.e. For a student pursuing a 2nd degree in English, ENGL 102 will be needed as a prerequisite to all upper-division English courses. ENGL 102 should be listed on the form.)

What is a 2nd degree check sheet?

The 2nd degree check sheet is used to notify the Registrar’s Office of those courses that a student must take at Boise State to earn a 2nd degree.

What is the purpose of the 2nd Degree Transfer Credit Request Form?

Completion of this form will initiate the process of allowing some transfer courses to be used as requisites and recognized by my.BoiseState when the student registers for courses. These courses are transferred with zero credit and grades of “P” to be used as prerequisites only.

When should I do an equivalency vs. a substitution?

An equivalency should be done when a course taken at a different institution is considered to be the same as a course taken at Boise State. Option one of the academic adjustment form should be used for this. A substitution should be done if a transfer course does not match the course we offer at Boise State, but is close enough to fulfill the graduation requirement. A substitution is also done when using a different Boise State course to fulfill a graduation requirement (i.e. using PHIL 201 in place of GENBUS 441). Option two of the academic adjustment form should be used.

When should I tell my advisee to apply for graduation?

Students should apply the semester before they intend to graduate.

Where do I get the 2nd degree check sheet?

There is no standard 2nd degree check sheet. Each department is responsible for creating their own form. Some departments use a standard checklist others prefer to use a memo method; simply listing the courses required for the 2nd degree on letterhead. Either is acceptable.

Who completes the 2nd degree check sheet?

The advisor, when meeting with a student, may complete the form. The chair of the department should then sign it.

Who should sign the Academic Adjustment Form?

The required signatures are indicated on the form. Please note that all signatures are required before the form will be processed.


Waitlist FAQs

Can I be waitlisted if I am currently enrolled in the prerequisite, but it hasn’t been graded?

Yes, you can waitlist a class in a future semester with a prerequisite if you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite. However, if you are enrolled from the waitlist and you do not pass the prerequisite with a satisfactory grade, the department can request to drop you from the class.

Can I waitlist a class for which I have not met the prerequisites?

If you have not met the prerequisites for a course, you are not eligible to waitlist the course. You may contact the instructor or department to request a permission number that will allow you to waitlist the class.

Can I waitlist a class I’m already enrolled in?

Yes, however, the waitlist will not enroll you into another section of the same course. You cannot register for more than one section of the same course.

Can I waitlist for more than one section of the same class?

Yes, you can waitlist multiple sections of the same course. You will be allowed to waitlist up to 12 credits per semester and will be added to the first available open section. Once you are successfully moved off the waitlist into one section, you will then be removed from the waitlist for the remaining sections.

How can I request to be added to a waitlist?

If a class is full and a waitlist is available, the class status displays as a yellow triangle. Select the class, check the box to “Waitlist if class is full,” then continue enrolling. For detailed instructions please click here.

How can I tell how long the waitlist is without registering for the course?

Click on the course section number to look at the course details. The waitlist total is listed under the Class Availability section.

How can I tell if waitlisting is available for a course?

If a class is full and a waitlist is available, the class status displays as a yellow triangle and the class details display the waitlist capacity. If a class is full and there is no waitlist, the class status displays as a blue box and the class details display the waitlist capacity as zero.

How do I know if I’ve been successfully added to a waitlist?

Classes you are currently waitlisting will display on your class schedule with a status of Waiting.

How do I know what position I am on the waitlist?

Your waitlist position displays on your class schedule.

How do I remove myself from a waitlist?

From your student center click on the enroll link then select the drop tab. Choose the appropriate term, select the class you want to remove, and and click the finish dropping button. Verify that the class was removed by printing your class schedule.

How does waitlisting work when a lab is associated with the lecture?

If a lab is associated with a lecture you can request to be added to the waitlist. You will be moved off the waitlist and into the classes if seats become available in the lab and lecture.

How many credits can I waitlist at one time?

You may waitlist 12 credits per semester.

If I am waitlisted for a class but have a hold on my account, will I still be added to the class?

Yes, if you are waitlisted for a class and then a hold is placed on your account, you will still be added to the class when a seat becomes available.

If I’m on a waitlist, am I guaranteed a spot in the class?

No, there is no guarantee that a seat will open up in the class.

Should I waitlist a class even if there are already a lot of students on the waitlist?

Yes, if it is a class that you want to take, we encourage you to add it to the waitlist. We can also use the waitlist for future semester planning purposes.

What classes can I waitlist?

Waitlisting is available for most undergraduate and graduate courses.

What classes do not have waitlisting?

Combined section classes, graduate and undergraduate combined classes, special sessions 1 and 2 , Jump Start classes, and separate lecture/lab co-requisites do not have waitlisting available.

What happens if I am enrolled in a class and waitlisted for a class that meet at the same time?

The waitlist process will not be able to place you in a class if a time conflict exists. The waitlist process will skip you and move to the next student on the list.

What if I’m on the waitlist for a class and receive a permission number from my instructor?

If you receive a permission number from your instructor to override a closed class, you must drop from the waitlist and register with the permission number.

What is a waitlist?

If a class is full, a student can request to be placed on a waitlist to enroll in the class if a seat becomes available. When a student is added to the waitlist, they are assigned the next available position number.

When will waitlisting be turned off for the semester?

Waitlisting will be turned off on the last day a student can add a class without instructor permission by session. For the regular session this is the fifth day of classes. See the Academic Calendar Deadlines by Session for all other sessions.

Why do I have to waitlist a class that appears to have an open seat?

The waitlist process is scheduled to run five times a day. If a seat opens in a class the class will remain closed until after the waitlist process has completed. If there are no students on the waitlist, the class will reopen after the process has completed. If there are students on the waitlist, the next student on the list will be enrolled in the class and the class will remain closed.

Why was I dropped from the waitlist of a class after I enrolled in an open section of that class?

If you are currently waitlisted for a full section of a class and then enroll in an open section of that class, you will be dropped from the waitlist of the full section. The drop happens because the registration system recognizes that you were able to get the class you needed, not necessarily the section you desired.

Will I be notified if I am moved into a class off of a waitlist?

Yes, if you are enrolled in a class from a waitlist an email notification will be sent to your BroncoMail account.

Class and Classroom Scheduling

Scheduling FAQs

How can I reserve a classroom for a special event?

To reserve a classroom complete the Classroom Reservation Request Form

How do I add/change/cancel a class once registration begins?
Is it possible to offer my class as Pass/Fail grading?

It is if the grading basis for the particular course has been approved through the curriculum process to be offered Pass/Fail. University wide classes may be offered as Pass/Fail or graded (unless specified in the course description). However, the grading basis needs to be determined at the time of class schedule development. Once students begin registering, the grading basis cannot be changed.

Online Class Scheduling

Online Class Scheduling FAQs

Can a General Purpose room be removed from a class?

Yes, if a General Purpose room is not the priority room for your department then the Scheduling office will take the room off the class.

Can I re-number or switch sections of a class after it has been submitted?

No, once a class has been submitted we cannot re-number or switch sections of a class.

Can the session dates be changed on combined classes?

Session dates cannot be changed on combined classes. If a combined class requires a change to the session, please list the change in “Notes to Registrar”.

How do I add an instructor’s preferred name to a class?

Only the primary name will show in OCS. However, if the instructor goes by a different name and wishes that name to display, have them log in their myBoiseState account to change their preferred name. The preferred name will then display on myBoiseState, the PDF copy of the schedule, and the student’s printed schedule.

How do I delete an instructor from a class?

To delete an instructor from a class, use the minus button on the class row. Caution: Highlighting and deleting the instructor’s name will not work. The row must be deleted for the changes to be effective.

How do I make changes during Review 2?

If you change days or times on a class, the room will be dropped. Please contact Amy Mayton at or 426-1546 to make changes during Review 2.

How do I set up a lab?

To set up a lab, change the “component” to lab and “class type” to non-enroll. The section will default to the next alpha character. Don’t forget to indicate in “Notes to Registrar” which lecture section the lab goes with.

Is there an easier way to find classes or sections?

Yes, on the blue bar under COURSE ID is “FIND”. Enter the class or section number of the class you are looking for and press enter. It will take you to that class or section.

What is “Notes to Registrar”?

The “Notes to Registrar” is where combined classes information with total enrollment cap is listed, new special topics titles are placed, as well as requisites for special topics classes.

What is the best way to add descriptions or long notes to Notes to Students?

Descriptions and long notes can be typed in Word to be check for spelling, then copied and pasted into OCS. OCS does not have spell check.

What is the message in red in the upper right hand corner of the page?

In the upper right hand corner of the page is a field used to post scheduling information and deadlines.

Will all the times be reviewed to ensure compliance with University standard meeting pattern policy?

Yes, all times will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the University’s standard meeting pattern policy.

Post Enrollment Requisite Checking (PERC)

Faculty/Staff PERC FAQs

A grade of “C” is required for a graduate level course to be counted towards a graduate degree. Can the cutoff for graduate courses be different from that for undergraduate courses?

We currently only run the contingency report for undergraduate courses.  Our plan was to only run the new process for undergraduate courses.  The process recognizes the grade established at the catalog or the requisite level i.e., C vs. C-.

Does an “I” incomplete fall into this category?

An ‘I’ is considered conditionally satisfied and would be ignored in regards to automatically dropping a student from the course in question.  The Registrar’s Office distributes a list of students with “I” grades to departments after grades are official.

How will this impact students who have been given a permission number to override prerequisites?

Students will not be impacted by the PERC process. Permission numbers to override prerequisites will remain valid.

If a student takes a course in spring and registers for the next class in the sequence for first 8 weeks of summer, the grades will not have cleared before the summer session starts. Will students who failed the spring course be dropped from the first 8-week session course?

The PERC process will be completed approximately 1-2 weeks into summer. We still drop (and dismiss) students registered during the 1st 8-week session. Those in the 1st 3-week session are allowed to stay as they have already completed at least half of the session at that point. Students enrolled in the upcoming intersession who have not satisfied their prerequisites will also be allowed to stay in their course(s) as they will have already been at least halfway through the session before the PERC process is run.

If a student takes a course in the spring and has signed up for the next course in the sequence in fall semester. During the semester, he/she realizes he/she is failing, and before the end of the semester signs up for the same course in summer session. Will he/she be dropped from the fall class once the spring failing grade becomes official?

The PERC process will ignore this student in this situation as the summer session would be conditionally satisfying the requisite. If the student drops the course during the summer session, the fall course will be dropped once the PERC process is run after the summer grades have been made official.

Is each department either ALL in or ALL out? Or, can we send a list of classes to which we do not want this to apply?

Yes, because the process doesn’t allow for the exclusion of specified courses/students.

Is it possible, at least a day or two before the students will be dropped, to have emailed to department chairs a list of those students who will be auto dropped?

No. Due to the tight schedule between terms, we don’t have the time to wait for responses.  An example would be between summer end-of-term and fall start-of-term where grades are final on Friday and classes start on Monday, as well as summer classes start before spring grades are final.

What will the timing of the drop be? That is, will students that do not pass a math prerequisite have time to take the COMPASS test to meet the prerequisite before they get dropped from a chemistry class?

The drop will happen as soon as grades are official, so no, they will not have time to take the COMPASS after grades become official.  However, if the student knows he/she is failing the math class, he/she can go take the COMPASS prior to the end of the semester to meet the prerequisite.  The general rule that we use for official grades is 5 working days after grades are due.

When students are dropped from courses with waiting lists, will the wait list students immediately roll into the course?

The waitlist process runs several times a day.  It is not immediate.  If a class has a waitlist, the system will not allow others to enroll in the course, even if there is availability.  The seats are saved for the waitlisted students.

Will a student be dropped if they received a D+ for their requisite course?

Yes. In order to be registered for a course, students need to complete prerequisites with a grade of C- or better unless otherwise specified by the department offering the course.

Will students be dropped from the class where the prerequisite was not taken?

The PERC process will only look at things in the past (test scores, transfer equivalents, or prerequisite courses) so the students will still be correctly identified. Students will be dropped if they haven’t satisfied the prerequisite prior to running the PERC process.

Will the drop process occur in a period that will allow the student to register for another class in order to maintain full-time status or financial aid eligibility?

The drops will occur as soon as grades are official.  This is soon enough for students to add other courses and sooner than it has ever been done in the past.

Will the student be notified via email before or after they are dropped from the course occurring next semester?

The student will be notified via email after the drop.

Will the students who are being dropped be given advance notification of this with an explanation as to why they were dropped?

No, but they will be notified by the Registrar’s Office immediately after we run the drop process.  Currently, most departments do not notify students when they drop using the contingency report.

Will the system recognize other methods of meeting the prerequisites, such as transferred credit and the COMPASS test?

Yes, if these have been set up as requisites.

Will the system recognize previous prerequisites? That is, if a student is retaking a class that is a prerequisite (to improve a grade or refresh their memory) that they have passed previously, will the system recognize that the prerequisite has been meet if they withdraw or do not pass the class on the most recent attempt?

The system will recognize the previous attempt if the student withdraws.  The system will not recognize it if the student fails on the most recent attempt.  This is the appropriate action because the previous passing grade in now excluded and replaced with the F.  It should no longer count.

Will this be reliable and accurate?

Yes. The functionality of this report far surpasses the previous contingency report.  We have tested the process thoroughly and are confident in the results.

Will this process be run after each session or just after each semester?

This process will only occur once a semester, when grades are official.

Would it be possible to let us know a few more details about how the new process will be implemented? For example, it would be nice to know whether students will be dropped one at a time as fall grades post, or whether there will be a single time after grades are due when all students will be dropped from courses.

The students will be dropped in batch shortly after grades are made official.  One exception – students that need to be dropped out of co-requisite courses have to be handled manually – but both the batch and manual processes will occur on the same day.