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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQs

Registration FAQs

How do I view classes before my registration time?

You may log on to my.BoiseState as a guest or a student and use ‘Search for Classes’ to see what classes are available.

What can I do if I’ve forgotten my password or username?


  • Go to, click the Log In button.
  • Click Reset/Create Password.
    Reset Password
  • You will need your username or your Student ID number. If you have forgotten either, contact us and we can provide one or the other for you.
  • You may also reset your password by clicking on the ‘Create a New Password’ link on myBoiseState homepage and providing your Username, Student ID #, Date of Birth and SSN. If you have deactivated this feature please call the Help Desk at (208) 426-HELP (4357).


    Your username is usually your first and last name with no spaces. If this does not work please call the Help Desk at (208) 426-HELP (4357).

    What if I miss my registration time?

    You may register any time after your scheduled registration appointment, but not before. You may check your registration appointment time on my.BoiseState.

    Waitlist FAQs

    Waitlist FAQs

    Can I be waitlisted if I am currently enrolled in the prerequisite, but it hasn’t been graded?

    Yes, you can waitlist a class in a future semester with a prerequisite if you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite. However, if you are enrolled from the waitlist and you do not pass the prerequisite with a satisfactory grade, the department can request to drop you from the class.

    Can I waitlist a class for which I have not met the prerequisites?

    If you have not met the prerequisites for a course, you are not eligible to waitlist the course. You may contact the instructor or department to request a permission number that will allow you to waitlist the class.

    Can I waitlist a class I’m already enrolled in?

    Yes, however, the waitlist will not enroll you into another section of the same course. You cannot register for more than one section of the same course.

    Can I waitlist for more than one section of the same class?

    Yes, you can waitlist multiple sections of the same course. You will be allowed to waitlist up to 12 credits per semester and will be added to the first available open section. Once you are successfully moved off the waitlist into one section, you will then be removed from the waitlist for the remaining sections.

    How can I request to be added to a waitlist?

    If a class is full and a waitlist is available, the class status displays as a yellow triangle. Select the class, check the box to “Waitlist if class is full,” then continue enrolling. For detailed instructions please click here.

    How can I tell how long the waitlist is without registering for the course?

    Click on the course section number to look at the course details. The waitlist total is listed under the Class Availability section.

    How can I tell if waitlisting is available for a course?

    If a class is full and a waitlist is available, the class status displays as a yellow triangle and the class details display the waitlist capacity. If a class is full and there is no waitlist, the class status displays as a blue box and the class details display the waitlist capacity as zero.

    How do I know if I’ve been successfully added to a waitlist?

    Classes you are currently waitlisting will display on your class schedule with a status of Waiting.

    How do I know what position I am on the waitlist?

    Your waitlist position displays on your class schedule.

    How do I remove myself from a waitlist?

    From your student center click on the enroll link then select the drop tab. Choose the appropriate term, select the class you want to remove, and and click the finish dropping button. Verify that the class was removed by printing your class schedule.

    How does waitlisting work when a lab is associated with the lecture?

    If a lab is associated with a lecture you can request to be added to the waitlist. You will be moved off the waitlist and into the classes if seats become available in the lab and lecture.

    How many credits can I waitlist at one time?

    You may waitlist 12 credits per semester.

    If I am waitlisted for a class but have a hold on my account, will I still be added to the class?

    Yes, if you are waitlisted for a class and then a hold is placed on your account, you will still be added to the class when a seat becomes available.

    If I’m on a waitlist, am I guaranteed a spot in the class?

    No, there is no guarantee that a seat will open up in the class.

    Should I waitlist a class even if there are already a lot of students on the waitlist?

    Yes, if it is a class that you want to take, we encourage you to add it to the waitlist. We can also use the waitlist for future semester planning purposes.

    What classes can I waitlist?

    Waitlisting is available for most undergraduate and graduate courses.

    What classes do not have waitlisting?

    Combined section classes, graduate and undergraduate combined classes, special sessions 1 and 2 , Jump Start classes, and separate lecture/lab co-requisites do not have waitlisting available.

    What happens if I am enrolled in a class and waitlisted for a class that meet at the same time?

    The waitlist process will not be able to place you in a class if a time conflict exists. The waitlist process will skip you and move to the next student on the list.

    What if I’m on the waitlist for a class and receive a permission number from my instructor?

    If you receive a permission number from your instructor to override a closed class, you must drop from the waitlist and register with the permission number.

    What is a waitlist?

    If a class is full, a student can request to be placed on a waitlist to enroll in the class if a seat becomes available. When a student is added to the waitlist, they are assigned the next available position number.

    When will waitlisting be turned off for the semester?

    Waitlisting will be turned off on the last day a student can add a class without instructor permission by session. For the regular session this is the fifth day of classes. See the Academic Calendar Deadlines by Session for all other sessions.

    Why do I have to waitlist a class that appears to have an open seat?

    The waitlist process is scheduled to run five times a day. If a seat opens in a class the class will remain closed until after the waitlist process has completed. If there are no students on the waitlist, the class will reopen after the process has completed. If there are students on the waitlist, the next student on the list will be enrolled in the class and the class will remain closed.

    Why was I dropped from the waitlist of a class after I enrolled in an open section of that class?

    If you are currently waitlisted for a full section of a class and then enroll in an open section of that class, you will be dropped from the waitlist of the full section. The drop happens because the registration system recognizes that you were able to get the class you needed, not necessarily the section you desired.

    Will I be notified if I am moved into a class off of a waitlist?

    Yes, if you are enrolled in a class from a waitlist an email notification will be sent to your BroncoMail account.

    Academic Records FAQs

    Academic Records FAQs

    How do I change my catalog year?

    If you need to change your catalog, submit the Catalog Year Update Form to the Registrar’s Office.


    How do I change my major/minor?

    Undergraduate Students:
    You can change your major or minor by logging in to your my.BoiseState account and clicking the Change Major link. However, if you have applied for graduation, you cannot change your major or minor on my.BoiseState. You must contact the Registrar’s Office at

    Graduate Students:
    Contact Graduate Admissions.

    What does a “W” do to my GPA?

    A “W” will not affect your GPA. Boise State limits the number of W’s a student may receive while enrolled. A student may receive up to ten W’s for a baccalaureate degree and five W’s for an associate degree. Once the student has exhausted the allowed number of W’s, the student may only receive letter grades.

    Where do I get a copy of my previous school’s transcript?

    A photocopy may be obtained from the Admissions Office located in the Student Union Building. If you require an official copy, contact the school directly. Students may also obtain a copy of a previous school’s transcript from the Registrar’s Office with proper ID.

    Idaho Residency FAQs

    Idaho Residency FAQs

    How does accepting the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) affect establishing Idaho residency?

    If you are offered and accept the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) scholarship, you cannot count the time you receive the WUE toward establishing residency.  The WUE is a program for inter-state tuition exchange among the western states.  It requires you to maintain residency in your home state while receiving assistance. You must be domiciled in Idaho for 12 consecutive months prior to the opening day of the semester while not receiving the WUE to be eligible to gain residency status for fee paying purposes.

    How does my enrollment at Boise State affect my ability to establish residency?

    A student who is enrolled for more than eight (8) hours in any semester or quarter during a twelve (12) month period shall be presumed to be in Idaho for primarily educational purposes. Such period of enrollment shall not be counted toward the establishment of a bona fide domicile in this state unless the student proves, in fact, establishment of a bona fide domicile in this state primarily for purposes other than educational.

    How does the GEM scholarship affect establishing my Idaho residency?

    The GEM scholarship does not affect your ability to establish Idaho residency for fee paying purposes.  However, you will want to check with our Financial Aid office about how actively establishing residency in Idaho might affect your scholarship.

    How is financial support defined?

    “Support” means financial support given to the student during the twelve (12) months preceding the opening date of the term for which resident status is requested, but shall not include educational scholarships or grants provided to the student to attend a post-secondary educational institution. Any student who receives less than fifty percent (50%) support may demonstrate this by showing that he is not claimed as a dependent by a parent or guardian for income tax purposes or that a parent or guardian provides less than fifty percent (50%) of the cost of attending an institution according to the financial aid office of that institution or that other similar evidence exists of parental support such as dental bills, medical bills, etc.

    What does domicile mean?

    Domicile refers to an individual’s permanent home where personal household belongings are located.  It is the place where the individual intends to remain and expects to return to when leaving without establishing a new home elsewhere.

    Who do I contact with Idaho Residency Questions?

    Josh Wilkins
    Senior Coordinator, Customer Service and Residency
    Boise State Registrar’s Office