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Transfer Course Equivalency

Boise State University accepts all academic credits from regionally accredited institutions as either elective credit or as equivalent to specific courses. Transfer courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Courses transfer to Boise State on the same level as taken (lower- or upper-division) at the original institution. Quarter credits are converted to semester credits (one quarter credit equals 2/3 of a semester credit). Credit for applied technology courses are transferable only for those students admitted to the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program.

Transfer Equivalency System

The Transfer Equivalency System is intended to be used as an unofficial guide to assist prospective students in reviewing course transferability at Boise State. Official transferability decisions are made by Boise State upon admission and the receipt of official transcripts.

The Transfer Equivalency System is not an absolute list of all transferable coursework. If a course does not appear in the system that does not necessarily mean it is not transferable. The system is dynamic and is continually updated as courses are reviewed.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at if you have questions about transferability.

How to Use the Transfer Equivalency System

  1. Type the name of the school you are transferring credits from or find the school using the alphabetical index.
  2. Click on the school you are transferring courses from.
  3. Type the course number (e.g., ENGL 101) of the course you took in the course code box and choose.TES_Screenshot_2
  4. Click “SEARCH.”
  5. The original course will appear with the Boise State equivalent (if it is in our system). If an equivalency does not appear, an equivalency will be determined when your official transcripts are evaluated.
  6. Repeat these steps for each transfer course.

If you need help accessing the information provided in the Transfer Equivalency System please contact the Registrar’s Office (426-4249 or or the Educational Access Center (426-1583 or for assistance.

Use the Transfer Equivalency System in a separate tab