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Environmental Health (ENVHLTH) Courses


ENVHLTH 160 ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PRACTICUM (0-V-1)(F/S). Field observations in public health agencies and industry. Requires a minimum 20 hours in the field and periodic seminars with a university instructor. (Pass/Fail.)


ENVHLTH 310 WATER SUPPLY AND WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT (2-3-3)(F)(Even years). Engineering, biological, and management principles of community water supply and water pollution control. PREREQ: (BIOL 191-192 or BIOL 227-228) and CHEM 111-112.

ENVHLTH 320 COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT (2-3-3)(F)(Odd years). Sanitation and management practices for community problems dealing with waste disposal, vector control, food and milk protection, swimming pools, and recreation activities. PREREQ: (BIOL 191-192 or BIOL 227-228) and CHEM 111-112.

ENVHLTH 415 OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH (2-3-3)(S)(Even years). Recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental health hazards or stresses (chemical, physical, biological) that may cause sickness, impair health, or cause significant discomfort to employees or residents of the community. PREREQ: PHYS 111-112. COREQ: CHEM 307.

ENVHLTH 416 NOISE AND OTHER PHYSICAL AGENTS (2-3-3)(F)(Even years). Environmental and occupational exposure and control of sound, temperature stress, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. PREREQ: PHYS 111-112.

ENVHLTH 417 PRINCIPLES OF TOXICOLOGY (2-0-2)(S)(Odd years). An examination of the absorption, distribution, and excretion of toxicants in humans and the health effects on target organs. Toxicologic evaluation, risk assessment, fate of hazardous substances in the environment and policies for the control of such substances will also be discussed. PREREQ: CHEM 111-112.

ENVHLTH 419 ENVIRONMENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH CONTROL METHODS (2-0-2)(F)(Even years). Methods, design, and practices of controlling environmental and occupational exposures to hazardous air contaminants using the principles of dilution and local exhaust ventilation. PREREQ: PHYS 111-112.

ENVHLTH 442 HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT (2-0-2)(S)(Odd years). Historical, regulatory and technical aspects of hazardous waste management, relating primarily to the requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and the Comprehensive Environmental Reclamation, Compensation, and Liability Act.

ENVHLTH 480 AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT (2-0-2)(F)(Odd years). Chemical, engineering, and management principles of community and industrial air quality control. PREREQ: CHEM 111-112, upper-division standing.

ENVHLTH 493 ENVIRONMENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH INTERNSHIP (0-V-V)(F/S). Three or more hours of internship per week in a business or governmental agency. The student works within the organization, keeps a record of the experience, and discusses these experiences at a seminar. (Pass/Fail.) PREREQ: Upper-division standing; recommendation of faculty advisor; consent of instructor.

ENVHLTH 498 ENVIRONMENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SEMINAR (1-0-1)(F). Current research and applied studies on emerging environmental and occupational health topics. PREREQ: Upper-Division standing in Environmental and Occupational Health.

Environmental Health Programs