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Sport Innovation and Culture (SIC) Courses


SIC 301 INTERSECTIONALITY AND SPORT (3-0-3)(F/S). Investigates sport culture, and particularly evaluations of race, class, gender, nationalism and other markers of identity, through the lens of intersectionality. PREREQ: ENGL 102.

SIC 351 HIP-HOP INNOVATION AND SPORT (3-0-3)(SU). Examines the history and culture of hip-hop through the major domains of business, sport, and innovation. The synergy of sport as an institution and hip-hop culture (artists, athletes, and fans) is central to the discourse. PREREQ: Upper-division standing.

SIC 401 SPORT MARKETING IN AN INNOVATIVE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT (3-0-3)(S). Integrate the business of sport with the basics of marketing strategy (marketing mix, segmentation, target marketing, positioning). Using the constant of innovation, take a fan-based approach in the continual improvement of the experience of sport. PREREQ: MEDIA 302.

SIC 403 FIELD RESEARCH IN SPORT AND SPORT CULTURE (3-0-3)(F/S). Apply principles of client-based, data-driven research in a field setting. Study sites vary. Students operate as a research team in assessing client needs, developing research plans, creating research instruments, collecting and analyzing data, and preparing/delivering a final report to the client. PREREQ: MEDIA 302.

SIC 480 STUDIES IN SPORT INNOVATION AND CULTURE (3-0-3)(F/S). Explores contemporary topics and perspectives that focus on various elements of sport innovation and culture. Content varies from semester to semester. Course may be repeated for credit. PREREQ: Upper-division standing.