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School of Public Service (SPS) Courses


SPS 150 RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE: SCHOOL OF PUBLIC SERVICE (1-0-1)(F/S). Examines leadership theories and concepts as well as leadership in practice through community service projects. May be repeated for credit. PREREQ: PERM/INST.

SPS 200 CAREERS IN PUBLIC SERVICE (3-0-3)(F/S). Personal and professional ethics and ethical decision making among public service organizational agents and administrators are explored. Overview of public service and related professions in the public and private sectors, regarding specific criteria, such as employment outlooks, procedures of obtaining positions, work conditions and responsibilities.

SPS 240 PLAYING WITH PUBLIC DATA (3-0-3)(F/S). Introduces essential concepts of applied research, data collection, data analysis, and communication of results. Develops familiarity with relevant public databases and community evaluation. Explores common research fallacies and their connection to ethics of public service.


SPS 300 COMMUNICATION IN THE PUBLIC SPHERE (3-0-3)(F/S)(FC). Introduces communication concepts central to public service work, including the role of rhetoric, public engagement, and the mass media in governance contexts. Provides students with a variety of writing and oral presentation skills useful for public and/or policy-oriented communication. PREREQ: ENGL 102.