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Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile BS

Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile BS
Course Number and TitleCredits
ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing3
ENGL 102 Intro to College Writing and Research3
UF 100 Intellectual Foundations3
UF 200 Civic and Ethical Foundations3
DLM MATH 143 College Algebra and MATH 144 Analytic Trigonometry (not DLM) or
DLM MATH 170 Calculus I: Concepts and Applications
DLN ENGR 130 Introduction to Engineering Applications4
DLN Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences course in a second field3-4
DLV Visual and Performing Arts3
DLL Literature and Humanities3-4
DLS EDTECH 203 Foundations of Digital Culture3
DLS Social Sciences course in a second field3
One of the following:
CS 117 C++ for Engineers
CS 121, 121L Computer Science I and Lab
EDTECH 202 Teaching and Learning for a Digital Age3
GIMM 100 Digital Tools for Interactivity3
GIMM 110 Interactive Programming3
GIMM 200 Visual Storytelling3
GIMM 250 Interactive Storytelling3
GIMM 270 Interactive Audio and Video3
GIMM 280 Interactive Physical Computing3
CID GIMM 290 Game Design Theory3
GIMM 300 Mobile Web Development3
GIMM 310 Mobile Application Development for Media3
GIMM 330 3D Animation and Modeling3
GIMM 350 Game Development3
GIMM 370 Advanced 3D Animation3
GIMM 400 Advanced Topics3
GIMM 440 Digital Portfolio3
FF GIMM 480 Senior Capstone One3
GIMM 490 Senior Capstone Two3
COBE Computer Placement Exam or
ITM 104 Operating Systems & Word Processing Topics and
ITM 105 Spreadsheet Topics and
ITM 106 Database Topics
ITM 305 Info Technology & Network Essentials3
ITM 325 Web Application Development I or
CS 401* Introduction to Web Development
ITM 370 Mobile Application Development or
CS 402* Mobile Application Development
Upper division electives to total 40 upper division credits4
Electives to total 120 credits11-19
*Additional requisites needed in order to enroll.