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Management BBA

Admission Requirements

The Management degree completion program has a specific application and acceptance process. Admission to the program is competitive and based on various academic criteria, including overall GPA, prior business experience and coursework in previous business and economics courses.

To be considered for admission, students must:

  • Be admitted to Boise State University.
  • Submit program application with application fee.
  • Have earned an associate degree or a minimum of 60 college level credits from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Meet a minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 2.5

Management BBA
Course Number and TitleCredits
ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing3
ENGL 102 Intro to College Writing and Research3
UF 100 Intellectual Foundations3
UF 200 Civic and Ethical Foundations3
DLM Mathematics3-4
DLN Natural, Physical, & Applied Sciences course with lab4
DLN Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences course in a second field3-4
DLV Visual and Performing Arts3
DLL Literature and Humanities3-4
DLS ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics3
DLS Social Sciences course in a second field3
BUSMGT 300 Orientation1
BUSMGT 304 Design Thinking3
CID BUSMGT 306 Professional Communication for Managers3
BUSMGT 315 Foundations of Management3
BUSMGT 317 Managing Human Resources3
BUSMGT 320 Marketing3
BUSMGT 322 Negotiation and Conflict Management3
BUSMGT 325 International Business Management3
BUSMGT 342 Strategic Tools3
BUSMGT 344 Business Intelligence and Analytics3
BUSMGT 347 Law for Managers3
BUSMGT 360 Leadership and High Performing Teams3
BUSMGT 364 Business Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability3
BUSMGT 368 Operations Management3
BUSMGT 420 Managing Innovation and Change3
BUSMGT 422 Finance for Managers3
FF BUSMGT 425 Capstone3
Electives to total 120 credits34-37