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Basque Studies Minor

Department of World Languages

Basque Studies Minor
Course Number and TitleCredits
BASQUE 101-102 Elementary Basque I & II8
Electives chosen from: BASQUE 201-202 Intermediate Basque
BASQUE 203 Intermediate Basque Conversation
BASQUE 301 Advanced Basque
BASQUE 493 Internship: Ikastola (Boise Basque Preschool)
BASQ-STD 123 Basque Dance
BASQ-STD 129 Basque Cuisine
BASQ-STD 294 Workshop in Basque Studies
BASQ-STD 323 Basque Politics
BASQ-STD 335 Basque Culture
BASQ-STD 353 The Arts in the Basque Country
BASQ-STD 377 Early European History: Basque Origins and Traditions
BASQ-STD 378 Modern Basque History
BASQ-STD 379 Basque Global Migration
BASQ-STD 380 Colloquium in Basque Studies
BASQ-STD 439 Foreign Study BASQ-STD 493 Internship: Basque Museum and Cultural Center BASQ-STD 494 Workshop in Basque Studies
SPANISH 450 Basque Literature in Spanish Translation
SPANISH 491 Basque Cinema SPANISH 494 Workshop in Basque Studies
Note: BASQUE courses are taught in Basque. BASQ-STD courses are taught in English. SPANISH courses are taught in Spanish