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Biomedical Engineering Minor

Biomedical Engineering Minor
Course Number and TitleCredits
BIOL 191 Biology I: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology4
BIOL/ME/MSE 477 Biomaterials3
ENGR 210 Engineering Statics*3
ME 112 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering1
ME 356 Introduction to Solid Biomechanics3
One of the following science courses:
BIOL 227 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
CHEM 301 Survey of Organic Chemistry
CHEM 307, 308 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
One of the following engineering courses:
MSE 245 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
ENGR 220 Engineering Dynamics
One of the following electives:
BIOL 192 Biology II: Introduction to the Diversity of Life
BIOL 227-228 Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II
BIOL 320 Cell Biology
CHEM 307, 308 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
CHEM 309, 310 Organic Chemistry II and Lab
CHEM 431 Biochemistry I
ECE 457 Digital Image Processing
KINES 270, 271 Applied Anatomy and Lab
KINES 370, 371 Biomechanics and Lab
MSE 488 Environmental Degradation of Materials
MSE 497 Special Topics: Synthetic Biomolecular Engineering
PHYS 307 Introduction to Biophysics
*NOTE: ENGR 210 requires MATH 170 and PHYS 211 as prerequisites.