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Cinema and Digital Media Studies Certificate

Cinema and Digital Media Studies Certificate
Course Number and TitleCredits
COMM 267 The Film Grip’s Role1
COMM 268 Introduction to Video Production3
COMM 365 Film Styles and Genres3
COMM 470 The Film Producer’s Role3
THEA 220 Cinema: History and Aesthetics3
One of the following:
COMM 269 Introduction to Audio Production
COMM 368 Advanced Audio Production
COMM 369 Video Post-Production
COMM 370 Advanced Video Production
COMM 486 Studies in Media Production
COMM 494 Workshop: Animation
THEA 215 Acting I
THEA 350 Screenwriting
One of the following:
ART 497 Special Topics: Avant-garde Cinema
COMM 360 Media Aesthetics & Culture
COMM 362 Media Law and Ethics
COMM 487 Studies in Media Theory
COMM 493 Internship: Film Production
COMM 499 Media Arts Seminar
ENGL 392 Film and Literature
FORLNG 321 Chinese Culture Through Film
FORLNG 397 Special Topics: Japanese Culture Through Film
FRENCH 490* Topics in French & Francophone Cinema
GERMAN 490* Topics in German Cinema
HIST 382 Themes In non-Western History
POLS 497 Special Topics: Latin American Politics through Film
SPANISH 490* Topics in Hispanic Cinema
SPANISH 491* Basque Cinema
*Taught solely in the French, German, or Spanish language, respectively.
One additional course from the lists above3
The Cinema and Digital Media Studies certificate will be awarded following completion of an associate or baccalaureate degree.