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German, Secondary Education BA

German, Secondary Education BA
Course Number and TitleCredits
UF 100 Foundations of Intellectual Life3
UF 200 Foundations of Ethics and Diversity3
FW ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing3
FW ENGL 102 Intro to College Writing and Research3
FM Mathematics course3-4
FN Natural, Physical, & Applied Sciences course with lab4
FN Natural, Physical, & Applied Sciences course in a second field3-4
FA Arts course3
FH GERMAN 102 Elementary German II4
FS ED-CIFS 201 Foundations of Education3
FS Social Sciences course in a second field3
EDTECH 202 Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age3
ED-CIFS 301* Teaching Experience I2
ED-CIFS 302* Learning and Instruction4
ED-CIFS 401* Professional Year — Teaching Experience II3
ED-LLC 444* Content Literacy for Secondary Students3
ED-ESP 350* Teaching Students with Exceptional Need at the Secondary Level3
Teaching Experience III/IV*14
*You must apply for admission to secondary teacher education to enroll in these upper-division education courses.

Completion of all requirements for graduation with a secondary education option may require more than 120 credit hours. See Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies for more information.
FORLNG 410 Approaches to Foreign Language Education3
FORLNG 498 Professional Portfolio Seminar1
GERMAN 101 Elementary German I4
GERMAN 201-202 Intermediate German I and II6
GERMAN 203 Intermediate German Conversation2
FC GERMAN 303 Advanced German Conversation and Composition3
GERMAN 304 Introduction to German Literature3
GERMAN 377 German Culture and Civilization3
GERMAN 404 Survey of German Literature I3
GERMAN 405 Survey of German Literature II3
GERMAN 475 The German-Speaking World Today3
FF GERMAN 498 Senior Seminar3
LING 305 Introduction to Language Studies3
Upper-division German courses9
Electives to total 120 credits4-6