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History of Art and Visual Culture BA

History of Art and Visual Culture BA
Course Number and TitleCredits
ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing3
ENGL 102 Intro to College Writing and Research3
UF 100 Intellectual Foundations3
UF 200 Civic and Ethical Foundations3
DLM Mathematics3-4
DLN Natural, Physical, & Applied Sciences course with lab4
DLN Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences course in a second field3-4
DLV ARTHIST 101 Survey of Western Art I3
DLL a course in a foreign language3-4
DLS Social Sciences course3
DLS Social Sciences course in a second field3
ART 107, ART 108 Art Foundations I & II6
CID ART 298 Seminar3
ARTHIST 102 Survey of Western Art II3
ARTHIST 450 Art History Practicum3
FF ARTHIST 452 Methods and Theory in Art History3
ARTHIST 499 Art History Seminar3
One Ancient to Medieval Art course chosen from:
ARTHIST 335 Art Of The Bronze Age
ARTHIST 336 Greek Art
ARTHIST 337 Art Of Ancient Italy
ARTHIST 338 Medieval Art
One Renaissance to Baroque Art course chosen from:
ARTHIST 354 Northern Renaissance Art
ARTHIST 355 Italian Renaissance Art
ARTHIST 365 Baroque Art
ARTHIST 366 Eighteenth Century Art
One Modern Art course chosen from:
ARTHIST 301 Nineteenth Century Art History
ARTHIST 302 History Of Twentieth Century European Art
ARTHIST 370 History Of Modern Architecture
ARTHIST 371 History Of Twentieth Century American Art
ARTHIST 373 History of Photography
One Non-Western Art course chosen from:
ARTHIST 103 Survey of Far Eastern Art
ARTHIST 356 Art of India
ARTHIST 359 Pre-Columbian Art
ARTHIST 386 Colloquium in Non-Western Art History
or relevant special topics course
400- level ARTHIST course3
ARTHIST electives (regional or period emphasis)9
Additional foreign language course3-4
HIST 101 History of Western Civilization I: Prehistory to 17th Century3
HIST 102 History of Western Civilization II: 17th Century to Present3
Additional History or Anthropology electives (complementing regional or period emphasis) one of which must be chosen from the following:
ANTH 307 Indians of North America
ANTH 312 Prehistory of North America
ANTH 320 Latin American Prehistory
HIST 261 Colonial Latin America
HIST 262 Modern Latin America
HIST 310 Refugee Crises in History
HIST 341 The Indian in United States History
HIST 363 History of Mexico
HIST 364 Drugs and Violence in Latin America
HIST 365 Borders and Borderlands in Latin America
HIST 368 The Islamic Middle East
HIST 369 The Modern Middle East
HIST 370 Ottoman History
HIST 372 History of Modern Southeast Asia
HIST 373 History of Modern China
HIST 378 Making of Modern Japan
HIST 382 Themes in Non-Western History
or relevant special topics course
Upper-division electives to total 40 credits0-16
Electives to total 120 credits10-22