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History of Art and Visual Culture Minor

History of Art and Visual Culture Minor
Course Number and TitleCredits
ARTHIST 101, ARTHIST 102 Survey of Western Art I & II6
One Ancient to Medieval Art:
ARTHIST 335 Art Of The Bronze Age
ARTHIST 336 Greek Art
ARTHIST 337 Art Of Ancient Italy
ARTHIST 338 Medieval Art
One Renaissance to Baroque Art:
ARTHIST 354 Northern Renaissance Art
ARTHIST 355 Italian Renaissance Art
ARTHIST 365 Baroque Art
ARTHIST 366 Eighteenth Century Art
One Modern Art:
ARTHIST 301 9th Century Art History
ARTHIST 302 History Of 20th Century European Art
ARTHIST 370 History Of Modern Architecture
ARTHIST 371 History Of 20th Century American Art
ARTHIST 373 History of Photography
One Non-Western Art:
ARTHIST 103 Survey of Far Eastern Art
ARTHIST 356 Art of India
ARTHIST 359 Pre-Columbian Art
ARTHIST 386 Colloquium in Non-Western Art History
ARTHIST 452 Methods and Theory in Art History or
ARTHIST 499 Seminar