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International Business Minor

Department of Management

International Business Minor 
Course Number and TitleCredits
ECON 317* International Economics3
FINAN 430* International Finance3
INTBUS 220 Go Global: You and the World Economy3
MGMT 334* International Management3
MKTG 430* International Marketing3
One of the following history courses**: HIST 309 The Old Regime And The French Revolution
HIST 313 History Of England In Modern Times
HIST 316 Europe’s Radical 19th Century
HIST 317 Europe in War and Revolution, 1900-1945
HIST 319 Eastern Europe Since The Second World War
HIST 327 World War I
HIST 328 Stalinism
HIST 338 American Foreign Relations
HIST 362 Modern Latin America
HIST 363 History Of Mexico
HIST 366 History Of Modern Africa: 1750-Present
HIST 368 The Islamic Middle East
HIST 369 The Modern Middle East
HIST 371 History Of Modern South Asia
HIST 372 The History Of Modern Southeast Asia
HIST 373 The History Of Modern China HIST 380 Colloquium in European History
One of the following political science courses: POLS 305 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 306 Introduction to International Relations
POLS 420 Comparative Foreign Policy
POLS 421 International Law and Organization
POLS 422 Politics in Russia and Eastern Europe
POLS 423 Latin American Politics
POLS 424 Canadian Politics
POLS 425 Politics in Asia
POLS 426 European Politics
POLS 427 Politics of Africa
POLS 428 Seminar in Comparative Politics POLS 429 International Political Economy
*Require admission to COBE.
**IB majors do not have to complete the prerequisite courses for listed Upper Division HIST classes.