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Materials Science and Engineering BS

—Secondary Education Emphasis

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering Minor
Course Number and TitleCredits
MSE 245 Intro to Materials Science & Engineering3
MSE 245L Intro to Materials Science & Engineering Lab or
MSE 280 Intro to Materials Lab Practice
MSE 246 Materials for Society3
MSE 308 Thermodynamics of Materials or
MSE 410 Electrical Properties of Materials
Courses chosen from the following list:
CE 340 Engineering Properties of Construction Materials
CE 341 Construction Materials Lab
CHEM 321, 322 Physical Chemistry I & II Lecture
CHEM 401 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
ECE 320 Semiconductor Devices
ECE 440, ECE 440L Intro to Integrated Circuit Processing & Lab
ECE 441 Advanced Silicon Technology
GEOS 300 Earth Materials
ME 442 Corrosion Engineering
ME 454 Composites
MSE 308 Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE 312 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MSE 318 Phase Transformations and Kinetics
MSE 321 Structural Characterization
MSE 380 Materials Properties Laboratory
MSE 381 Material Analysis Laboratory
MSE 410 Electrical Properties of Materials
MSE 415 Materials Processing
MSE 422 Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy
MSE 428 Interfaces and Dislocation Behavior
MSE 461 Microelectronic Packaging Materials
MSE 477 Biomaterials
MSE 488 Environmental Degradation of Materials
MSE 498 Materials Science and Engineering Seminar
PHYS 309, 309L Introductory Quantum Physics & Lab
PHYS 415 Solid State Physics
PHYS 423 Physical Methods of Materials Characterization

Secondary Education Emphasis

Secondary Education Emphasis
STEM-ED 101 Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching1
STEM-ED 102 Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design1
STEM-ED 310 Classroom Interactions3
STEM-ED 350 Research Methods3
STEM-ED 410 Project-Based Instruction3
STEM-ED 480 Apprentice Teaching6
Note: Emphasis requires that ED-CIFS 201, STEM-ED 210 and STEM-ED 220 must also be completed, as indicated above.

*Electives must be approved by the student’s advisor.