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Political Communication Minor

Political Communication Minor
Course Number and TitleCredits
COMM 271 Introduction to Media3
COMM 273 Reporting and News Writing3
POLS 419 Political Communication3
SPS 300 Communication in the Public Sphere3
Complete 9 credits from the following course list. Select at least one course from Communication and one course from Political Science.

Note: Media Arts majors must complete 6 credits from the Political Science list and Political Science majors must complete 6 credits from the Communication list.

COMM 112 Reasoned Discourse
COMM 261 Multimedia Storytelling
COMM 332 Contemporary Public Communication
COMM 373 Reporting Public Affairs
COMM 467 Media and Democracy
COMM 493 Internship
COMM 494 Workshop

Political Science:
POLS 401 Political Parties and Interest Groups
POLS 402 Campaigns and Elections
POLS 416 Seminar in American Political Behavior
POLS 417 Political Psychology
POLS 418 Public Opinion
POLS 493 Internship
POLS 494 Workshop

A student is limited to three (3) credits of internship (493) or workshop (494). These credits must be attained with support of an academic advisor and permission of the program director.