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Foreign Language Teaching Endorsement

Foreign Language Teaching Endorsement 
Course Number and TitleCredits
FORLNG 410 Approaches to Foreign Language Education3
LING 305 Introduction to Language Studies
SPANISH 415 Intro to Spanish Linguistics3
FRENCH 101 Elementary French I4
FRENCH 102 Elementary French II4
FRENCH 201-202-203 Intermediate French8
FRENCH 303 Advanced French Conversation and Composition3
FRENCH 304 Intro to French and Francophone Literature3
FRENCH 376 French Culture3
FRENCH 412 Advanced French Grammar and Pronunciation3
GERMAN 101-102 Elementary German I & II8
GERMAN 201-202-203 Intermediate German8
GERMAN 303 Advanced German Conversation & Composition3
GERMAN 304 Introduction to German Literature3
GERMAN 377 German Culture and Civilization3
GERMAN 412 Advanced German Grammar and Syntax3
SPANISH 101 Elementary Spanish I4
SPANISH 102 Elementary Spanish II4
SPANISH 201 Intermediate Spanish I4
SPANISH 202 or 203 Intermediate Spanish II4
SPANISH 300 Spanish for Bilinguals or SPANISH 301 Conversational Spanish3
SPANISH 302 Spanish Grammar and Composition3
SPANISH 304 Introduction to Hispanic Literature3
SPANISH 376 Spanish Peninsular Culture and Civilization or 
SPANISH 377 Latin American Culture and Civilization or 
SPANISH 385 Mexican American Culture and Civilization3
Teaching endorsements are granted by the Idaho State Board of Education. See department for more details.