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Request to be Added to a Wait List


Log in to myBoiseState.

Click on Student View, then Student Center link under Services.

Select the Student Homepage.

Example of where to click for student homepage.

Select the Class Search Enrollment.

Example of where to click for class enrollment search.

Select the Class Search and Enroll tab.

Example of where to click for class search and enroll.

Search for the class you want to wait list. Make sure that the Show Open Classes Only filter is not selected. Remove the filter by clicking the delete filter button for Open Classes Only.

Example of where to click to remove filter.

The status of a class will appear in the Status column. The number of students currently on the wait list will display in the search results in the Seats column. This will show you the current wait list position available. When a seat becomes available in the class the first student on the wait list will be enrolled in the class. If you want to wait list the course, select the class and start registering for the course, otherwise, click Class Search and Enroll to start a new search.

Example of where class will show waitlisted, and position in waitlist.

If you are choosing to proceed with the wait list addition, check the box corresponding to Add to Waitlist if class is full? The answer will change from No to Yes then click Accept. Finish the registration process by enrolling or adding to your Shopping Cart. If you add the class to your shopping cart you will not be placed on the wait list until you finish adding the course from your Shopping Cart.

Example of where to change to yes to add to waitlist, then accept.

Note: The Wait List button will only appear if the class is full and able to be waitlisted.

When you are successfully added to a wait list you will receive the following confirmation with your current wait list position number.

In the example below: The status of the class is full and the student’s wait list position in the class is number one. If one seat becomes available, the student will be added to the class from the wait list and will receive an email confirmation of the change to his/her enrollment status.

Example of confirmation of being in waitlist with position.

To see waitlisted classes in View My Classes tab check the Show Waitlisted Classes box. This will reveal all classes that you are currently on the Wait List for.

Example of where to check box to see waitlisted courses.

Need Assistance?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (208) 426-4249, (800) 824-7017, or email